At Grace Trinity Community Church, we believe that the Scripture teaches that the Church is called to carry out the command of the Great Comission.  The command (Matthew 28:16-20) is not individualistic, rather, it is incumbent upon the church and all its member to fulfill.  Missions, therefore, is a vital part of who we are.  

GTCC is closely affiliated with:

Carey Outreach Ministries

Carey International University of Theology

Glory Grace International Ministries



Theologically, we believe that the Scripture teaches the doctrine of Sovereign Grace also known as Calvinism.  Although GTCC is an independent local church governed by a body of elders elected by the membership, we find close affinity with the following Ministries.

The Gospel Coalition 

A group of pastors and churches that exist to promote gospel-centered ministry and biblically-faithful resources for the church.

Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada

A community of local Baptistic, Evangelistic, and Calvinistic churches that seeks to engage in Christian fellowship with one another.